Sunday, September 16, 2012


UC Davis Law Review Symposium's BRAND NEW WORLD event is being offered for free to practitioners, is sponsored by Google, and is an event featuring many great minds on both the legal and business side of brand development and protection.  

You can RSVP here.

For those practitioners taking notice, brands are quickly matching if not surpassing patents as a company's most important and valuable intellectual property asset.  When companies such as Google and Apple have trademarks valued in the billions, and when domain names sell for millions, it is quickly becoming apparent intellectual property attorney's roles in the all stages of brand development and protection is based on the changing landscape of both intellectual property law and of business, promotion and commerce itself.  

The UC Davis Law website offers the following information about the much anticipated and increasingly relevant and timely event:

"UC Davis Law Review invites you to attend its 2012-2013 symposium, "Brand New World: Distinguishing Oneself in the Global Flow." The conference, sponsored by Google, will discuss one of the most important issues in society and modern commerce: the role of brands in our lives. 

Two dozen of the world’s top scholars of trademarks and brands, from Cambridge, Oxford, NYU, Stanford, Princeton, Hong Kong, the Max Plancke Institute, and the London School of Economics, will discuss the future of brands and trademark law."

As a firm who has based its own brand on the increasingly important role of IP attorneys in the development and protection of brands, Brand Ventures IP Law will be there to learn, network, and show our support for a subtle yet significant shift in the practice of IP law.  

We hope to see you there, and for those not able to make it, or for those who we presently represent or will in the future, it is the continuing exposure to the ideas being discussed at these events which we believe will help us become better positioned to share and utilize innovative new strategies and to embrace changes in the practice of intellectual property law so that  we will better qualified to protect the brands that we work hard with you to develop.