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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sports and Branding: The Anatomy of The JOHNNY FOOTBALL Branding and Trademark Strategy

Over the past several years, the proliferation of trademark filings by athletes and their personal management companies has reflected a growing trend in sports branding that has athletes increasingly taking control of the mechanisms that make money for athletes and sports teams.  

While many sports contracts have athletes assigning over many of the rights in their personal brand to teams and sports organizations, the filing of trademark applications by athletes themselves shows how bold new strategies are working to shift the balance in this traditionally pro-team economic system. 

Below, Johnny Manziel's branding strategy is shown to focus largely on the filing of various trademarks not covered by the team owned components of an athletes personal brand (formal team jersey name).  

Because teams have no proprietary interest or ownership of nicknames for athletes, a move to shift commercial activities for sports merchandising has athletes squarely in charge of these new profit generating promotion and sales activities. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

USPTO Video No. 4: Applicant Information

This part of the Trademark Application process often strikes both 
novice Applicants and seasoned IP attorneys as the most simple part of the 
application; however, it never surprises me how often I hear of refusals resulting 
from the information requested in this section of the application. 

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