Tuesday, July 31, 2012

USPTO Video No. 4: Applicant Information

This part of the Trademark Application process often strikes both 
novice Applicants and seasoned IP attorneys as the most simple part of the 
application; however, it never surprises me how often I hear of refusals resulting 
from the information requested in this section of the application. 

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  1. very surprises me how often I hear of refusals resulting from the information requested in this section of the application.

  2. What is very demonstrative of this simple form of rejection is the fact that of high number of applications LegalZoom files each year, it is said that their customers receive rejections somewhere in the 70-80% range.
    This is not just because of the more complex aspects of the application process, but inevitably due to the Applicant's oversite when providing information to a filing service, who unlike an attorney, usually files an application with the information provided and nothing more. Often times that information, even Owner/Applicant information, is not understood in terms of what the USPTO requires.